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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Shortly after beginning this blog, I began to realize that most remaining participants were of retirement age and not all were very computer savvy.  The title of this version is too darn long and doesn't include the Bloomsbury or NU people who would also have notes and stories.  I'll fold these materials over into the www.krausenotes.blogspot.com  site until it seems pointless.  Probably a month or so.

I'll concentrate on getting up all the notes I have first before I indulge in too much story-telling.  (I love telling about wake-ups!)  Tom Foral has stayed plugged in to the actual acting community.  I'd like to keep track of books we've written.  We ought to pay attention to those who have died, even under tragic circumstances.  I'd like to post a lot of different voices.

Mary Strachan Scriver AKA  "Prairie Mary"

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